Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's with Comedians?

dont wait for a comedian to get out of the grocery store. it takes him 5 hours to get thru that thing. he`s reading every label looking for funny ingredients. listening to the stupid questions asked at the front desk. he`s like a kid in the candy store in there. and dont even ask about the airport. gee whiz. he`s slipping things in other peoples pockets at the metal detector. pouring water in the lap of the guy sleeping in the lobby.
you`ll see him on the side of the road, scribbling in his notepad. "thats funny. i gotta write that down."
Jerry Seinfeld. Dont ever meet this guy. He`ll look you up and down, trying to find something unusual he can do a routine on.
"She had man hands", "whats with that guy?"
and Rodney Dangerfield... did you see "Lil Nicky". was that typecasting? seriously though, Rodney Dangerfield as Satan???
He`d be headlining in Hell every night. "I tell ya i get no respect." the audience would be tied to the chairs. "Help, get me out of here. i repent!!!"