Wednesday, August 01, 2012

ice ice water

yo listen up!
its hot and youre really thirsty
u havent had a drink since thursday
youre in the desert
the suns beating down
u look up and theres vultures flying round.

ice ice water
ice ice water
you'd like some ice ice water
ice ice water

its late and youre feeling hungry
you havent had a bite since monday
the waiter comes and says
"whats your order?"
then u remember that u got no money.
"uh, sir. im kinda broke."
the waiter stares
"just a joke!"
"ok- so what'll it be?
you like pepsi or you want some tea?"

uh yeah, i'd like some nice ice water
ice ice water
just want some ice ice water
ice ice water

youre fat and youre on a diet!
wanna eat, but u dare not try it!
take your baby out to dinner
she tells you how youre looking thinner
the waiter comes
says "whats your order?"
u order something that costs a quarter
the waiter says "what you want to drink?"
u want a milkshake but u stop and think.

ice ice water
i'll have some
nice ice water
how bout some ice ice water
ice ice water